Firm Overview

Founded in 2016 and based in the Cayman Islands, Hades Group is an independent investment management boutique supported by a global network of senior bankers, leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and financial professionals. Our extensive group of experienced advisors allows us to better identify and benefit from unique investment opportunities in an increasingly complex and dynamic market environment. We embrace these financial challenges by using experience, integrity and common sense.

Hades Group is an asset management firm active in financial advisory, funds management, private debt and private equity and corporate finance. Its international team is dedicated to continuously analyze the global financial markets and identify high risk-adjusted investment returns through opportunities in financial as well as real assets. It’s part of our DNA to always minimize downside risk by seeking portfolio protection in different ways.


Our investment philosophy anchored in strong fundamentals, carefully engineered to yield both distinct and harmonious returns within a wide spectrum of investment opportunities, consistently delivers a high expected IRR net of fees.

Our investment process stands out through our expertise in: macroeconomic analysis, trade structuring, and risk management.

Through our experienced managers and well-established asset management, we provide our clients with the best possible results while maintaining our position as industry leaders in this ever-evolving landscape.


Hallmarks of Hades

Seeking attractive Risk Adjusted Returns

The Hades Group provides professional services and investment solutions to Qualified Investors only, adequately organized family offices and institutional investors.

Our investment solutions focus on uncorrelated strategies to traditional asset classes with attractive risk/return ratios focused on achieving positive absolute returns over time.


We provide capital to listed and privately-held enterprises. Strong under-writing capabilities, adequate collateral when appropriate and extensive experience in the legal field are critical in our approach to private debt and private equity.

Hades Group is authorized and regulated by CIMA (the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority), as well as our strategic partners who are regulated and supervised by banking and security regulators in the countries in which they conduct their activities.


Diversified Investment


in Risk






Five Pillars of Operational Excellence

Hades Group invests in both public and private markets, directly and indirectly, across asset classes and investment structures designed to deliver uncorrelated return streams across a broad range of investment solutions.
Our investments cover a broad range of opportunities and include stocks & bonds, real estate, PIPEs, commercial factoring, private debt and private equity.

Hades’ investment strategy and portfolio construction process is driven by a disciplined approach via our five core pillars of expertise; Analyzing asset class returns through long-term historical back-testing, Optimal Portfolio Construction, Security and Manager Selection, Tactical Positioning and Portfolio Adjustments, and On-going Monitoring.



Analyzing asset class returns through long-term historical back-testing

A thorough evaluation of each prospective investment including historical and forward-looking expected returns, risk estimates, correlations to assess their net contribution to portfolio returns.



Optimal Portfolio Construction

Building strategic portfolios by optimizing asset allocation weights among sufficiently liquid and uncorrelated asset classes, to provide with all the benefits of maximum diversification.



Security and Manager Selection

Adding excess returns by allocating to well researched and approved securities or managers, offsetting portfolio risk while meeting minimum required return hurdles; with private transactions, verification of collateralization and strong contractual legal agreements to best protect our investments.



Tactical Positioning and Portfolio Adjustments

Reacting to market events and portfolio volatility to take advantage from any short-term opportunities that may arise while limiting downside risk.



On-going Monitoring

Constant monitoring of portfolios and investor needs and circumstances, to be able to evaluate the state of our portfolio investments and make sure they meet our investors’ objectives with utmost transparency.

Discipline, Depth,
and Experience.

Our aim is to consistently provide remarkable investment returns for our clients, irrespective of the prevailing macroeconomic climate.


We aim to make our portfolios robust by safeguarding against market changes, interest rate shifts, and the impact of inflation. We achieve this by choosing opportunities that offer high returns and have low connections to traditional financial markets. This approach helps us make the most of diversification, creating a strong and secure investment strategy.

Risk Management Symphony

The management of risk is an intricate blend of both artistic and scientific elements, approached with a dual emphasis on quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Our approach involves a meticulous and sometimes forensic scrutiny of details to ensure comprehensive risk management.

More Than Just Control

Risk management operates not in isolation but is intricately woven into every step of the portfolio investment process and construction. Each portfolio comes with a unique risk mandate, demanding a meticulous and sometimes forensic attention to detail.

Focus on Stress Testing &
Scenario Analysis

Our stress tests and analytical frameworks have undergone continuous refinement over the years. These tools enable us to explore tail risks and address potential loss scenarios effectively, employing a point system based on quantitative financial models.




We are well versed at sourcing, analyzing, and executing off-market investment transactions in Private Lending (Factoring of Medical Receivables), Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPEs), Venture and Growth Capital as well as Real Estate.

Private Lending

We invest in Commercial Receivables and Trade Finance lending with low duration risk and high credit protection. For example, we finance companies that bill private insurance carriers, Medicare or Medicaid, or that may have short term cash flow difficulties due to slow payments or high organic growth.
We also provide working capital solutions to companies in other industries. Our revolving facilities are limited in time. For each transaction, we earn a spread in exchange for our lending services.
A robust analysis and multi-layered due diligence process combined with credit insurance and monitoring will provide strong downside risk protection.


Opportunistic Investing with Protection (PIPEs)

Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPEs) consists in negociating a private transaction in order to buy the securities of publicly traded companies at attactive conditions. Instruments used are mainly convertible bonds or preferred shares, occasionally also discounted shares. In all cases we require free attached warrants with 5+ years to expiry.
To protect portfolio downside, we use a whole range of contractually binding terms (anti-dilution provisions with price resets), ‘make-whole’ provision on dividends and interest, heavy discounts, as well as asset collateral.

Private Equity

We specialize in uncovering and nurturing exceptional opportunities in the late-stage venture capital landscape. Our focus is to identify companies that reside in the sweet spot of high growth, poised to turn cash flow positive and preparing for an exit strategy through a trade sale or an IPO.

Our distinctive advantage lies in recognizing the undervalued potential of European and Swiss private companies when compared to their U.S. counterparts. This understanding will allow us to capture the promise of compelling exits, with probabilities of achieving impressive multiples ranging from 3 to 15 times the initial investment within just 1 to 3 years. Our commitment is to return 50% of invested capital to our valued investors within a mere 1 to 2 years.


Our Path to
Financial Excellence

Through the utilization of our talent pool and innovative investment strategies, we strive to offer our clients a unique blend of reliable income, capital protection, and strong resilience against stock and bond market fluctuations. Our goal is to consistently deliver outstanding results while remaining at the cutting edge of our ever-evolving industry.


Building on a Strong
Track Record

In Venture Capital and Private Equity, the Hades Group of professionals have predominantly been active at investing in attractive Healthcare and Technology spin-offs from leading Europe and US universities such as Oxford, Harvard, EPFL, Institut Pasteur Paris, and Cornell. The greatest success story so far has been Oxford Nanopore, which went public on the LSE in late 2021 at a valuation exceeding 4 billion pounds.

We expect several investment projects at various and advanced stages to go public soon, monetizing through strategic divestitures into Fortune 500 companies.

In PIPEs, Hades Group has backed dozens of companies in areas such as drug discoveries, medical products & devices, and industrial technologies.

In Private Debt, transactions have occurred in real estate and in projects to accelerate the green transition.

For a number of years in the Medical Receivable space, our US partners have been engaging with leading insurance companies to provide capital to clinics and hospitals in the United States


Years of Professional Experience for Each Collaborator


Funds in Operation


Deal Accomplishments


Our Experts

By utilising our exceptional talent base, innovative technology and tenured institutional infrastructure, we seek to deliver the best results possible for our clients whilst staying at the forefront of our evolving industry.


Jose Santamaria

Mr. Santamaria offers a depth of knowledge in building investment solutions, including alternative investments, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, fixed income and lending...


Reza Hariri

As an expert creative, designer and developer, Reza brings over 30 years of expertise in marketing strategies, business development, technology development, and branding to the table...


Richard Ormond

Richard's expertise has expanded from traditional investments to private equity and debt investments in growth capital for life science, technology, and consumer companies...


Gustavo Cano

Gustavo Cano is the Founder & CEO of Fund@mental. He is a financial professional with more than 25 years of relevant experience in the Wealth Mangement industry. He has spent the majority...

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John Ferguson

Mr. John Ferguson is the President of the DML Capital Group Incorporated. He is also the founder of the DML Group of companies with more than 20 years’ experience helping businesses and nonprofits...

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Elizabeth Glas

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology, specializing in Networking and IT Security, she brings more than half a decade of experience from her tenure at DML Capital Group...


Will Moore

Will Moore has over 25 years of experience working with hospitals and hospital systems, in both the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors, and is based out of Austin, TX. He has an extensive background...

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Sharon Jossa

A versatile and detail-oriented business professional with over 20 years of accounting experience supporting business and analyzing business processes. Employing industry's best practices in a  ...

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We are stronger,

Our core strength lies in our ability to collaborate effectively. At Hades Group, we firmly believe in the power of unity. By forging close partnerships with exceptional collaborators, we unlock a wealth of collective knowledge, innovation, and expertise. This synergy allows us to consistently deliver solutions that set the industry standard for excellence. Through these collaborative relationships, we harness the combined strength to address challenges, pioneer innovations, and, ultimately, provide our clients and stakeholders with the most effective and impactful solutions available.